The application of Acidofac S for swine was featured in latest issue of China Agricultural Wealth Magazine

Latest News 109 / 06 / 02

Vetnostrum animal health is Taiwan-based firm dedicated to research, develop, and manufacture therapeutic veterinary medicines and functional feed additives to provide total solution for modern husbandry. Recently Vetnostrum’s Technical Manager, Dr. Fan, was interviewed by China Agricultural Wealth Magazine to talk about our featured coated acidifier, Acidofac S.

China is following the global trend “green agriculture” now, new agriculture policy related to antibiotic restriction was published this year. More and more functional feed additives are booming, acidifier is one of the most well-know AGP replacement.

“Not all acidifiers are the same, Dr. Fan said”. Acidofac S is combined with 4 selected acids which through special coating technology to make all the acids embed and disperse in lipid matrix. With the protective matrix, acids of Acidofac S could act throughout GI system without harmful to stomach but destroy pathogen in intestine; thus, less diarrhea problem, healthier swine, and happier farmers. The most important of all, Acidfoac S provides non-corrosive to equipment, safer to worker and lower inclusion rate in feed comparing to those non-coated acidifiers. Acidofac S is now marketed for over 20years, it spreads to Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Philippine, Thailand, and Indonesia currently. More and more famers realize that only chose the right product could help them make money, especially under ASF impact.

China Agricultural Wealth Magazine is one of the most popular China agriculture focused magazine, it issued over 60,000 units monthly.

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