First-hand Experiences of Acidofac S by Our Valued Customers

Latest News 108 / 08 / 12

Mr. Ying-Jun, Lu, the humble firefly from Longguan Farm

The owner of Longguan Farm, Mr. Ying-Jun, Lu, is also the former Chairman of the Kaohsiung City Swine Association. According to his past experiences, Mr. Lu thinks that although acidifiers can indeed be effective, but he stopped using the previous acidifier after a while because it has a strong and pungent acidic smell. It was an unpleasant smell for humans, even the pigs refused to eat because of the smell. He then learned that Vetnostrum has a new type of acidifier, Acidofac S, with “coated and slow-releasing” properties, which uses a unique technology to distribute the acid evenly in the product. Acidofac S doesn’t have a pungent smell, and has slow-releasing properties in the intestine, which made Mr. Lu very interested.

Longguan Farm has been using Acidofac S for about 3 months, and Mr. Lu is very satisfied with the effect of the product. Not only does the product blend well with the feed, but also has amazing performance for pigs of different stages. In finishing pigs, the most significant effect is the improvement in body posture, and faster growth during the late stages, even being overweight when put on sale. He also observed that the sows in the farrow house eat more, so their amount of milk is more abundant, and the piglets are also stronger.


Mr. Jin-Cai, Chen, the hilarious pig farmer from Zhongyin Farm

Zhongyin Farm had been a loyal customer of Acidofac S for more than 10 years. “At first, I was introduced to Acidofac S because I wanted to find a solution for swine dysentery in our farm. According to my experience, we would have to use veterinary drugs to combat swine dysentery, but we can’t possibly use veterinary drugs all the time, as there is the problem of drug resistance.” said Mr. Chen, the owner of the farm. He said the most obvious change in his farm after long-term use of Acidofac S is that the health of his pigs had significantly improved, and the pigs are less likely to get sick. His pigs also eat more and are easier to raise. Mr. Chen uses Acidofac S started from piglets.

For the prevention of swine dysentery, Mr. Chen usually uses Acidofac S for preventive purposes. If the prevention is done well, the use of veterinary drugs is not necessary, and if there is a disease outbreak, drugs can immediately be used for treatment. This way, he could effectively limit the condition to a few instead of having a whole outbreak on the farm. By having two lines of defense (Acidofac S and veterinary drugs), the disease is easier to be controlled.

Application dosage of Acidofac S:

Piglet: 1-2kg per ton of feed

Sow: 1-2kg per ton of feed

Pig: 1kg per ton of feed